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The King of Lavender Square

Saskia watches the lives of others from her eyrie in Lavender Square with a lonely fascination. While the teacher, the recluse, the advertising whizz-kid and the African woman and her young son run, rush, dart and dash she knows for sure that she will never have anything worth dashing to. But sometimes all it takes is a magic to bring people together.

The neighbours, who once passed each other by in detached universes, find themselves thrown together when they are obliged to take care of Patrick Kimba. His mother is seriously ill and no one knows when or if she is ever coming home. At first they resist the tiresome interruption until quite by accident, Patrick’s dream to find his father becomes theirs and a magical story of love weaves their lives and heartaches together in a new and unexpected pattern forever.

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Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud – The First Thirty Years

Okay so it’s not a novel but it is a worthy tome that dishes up something worth savouring. A history of the restaurant — from its shaky start to Michelin two-star status — stunning photography from the internationally renowned Barry McCall, skilfully blended narratives by Susan Ryan and forty unique recipes make for a visual feast and juicy read. A perfect read for foodies and gastronomes or indeed anyone who likes food.