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Blog entry January 14

Hello there

January already! I know it’s a bit late and we’re well into January and all that but Happy New Year anyway. I hope you’d a fabulous Christmas and read lots while dipping into your selection boxes and boxes of Roses. I’m only getting back to the blog because the funny thing about this writing business is that you think it’s all about the writing but it isn’t. Nope. The promoting of your work is a huge part of it all and it takes up a very large chunk of time which scares the living daylights out of you when the deadline for your next book is swaying over your head like some sort of guillotine. I hadn’t thought about that side of things. You don’t. You keep your head down for years until you’ve something worth sending off and then it’s published and this mad sequence of events takes place. It’s like a train travelling at full speed (not an Irish train, maybe one in France or Japan) and suddenly you find yourself in a studio on radio for the first time – daunting but by the time you get to the fifth interview it seems slightly easier. The fifth interview was with Pat Kenny by the way. Oh how my mother would have been beside herself over that. She thought Pat was great on the radio.

Then you’re driving all over the country hopping into bookshops hoping people will A. Buy your book; B. Read it and C. Like it. And all the while you’re tweeting, posting, building a brand new website and writing articles to try and raise your profile because it’s all about the PROFILE and the ANGLE! There are so many books out there vying and winking for attention from potential readers that if you have an angle – the more dramatic the better – it will only do you and your book good. Like if you did time in a high security prison, or ran a bank badly losing millions of investors’ money before seeing the error of your ways, or you are an unfit president with a penchant for sweeping statements and general ignorance – you’re away on a hack. Your book will walk out the door. It’s gas! The funny thing is writers are generally quiet people lost in their own heads with their thoughts and characters. Indeed some of us battle with opening the door at times for fear of having to talk to a person on the other side of it, so the promotional process doesn’t come naturally. We shirk the limelight wishing ourselves back in our garrets at our desks in our fleeces downing galleons of coffee. But sure look it, isn’t that it. And I’m not complaining, it’s all good, a learning curve for sure but a good one. It’s just that I’m a slow learner. I am. But once I learn something, I never forget it. So now that you know that I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs for the last month or so, I’ll get back to the next novel – 100,000 words due by the end of February. I know… and there’s the kettle whistling at me to make coffee so I’ll go but I’ll be back.


Posted in Blog on 14th January 2018